Saturday, November 1, 2008

NEW!!!! Hot Exotic Female Martial Artist / Superhero - VIDEO Below!!!!

Before jumping into the HOT EXCITING SUPERHERO VIDEO below :) name is Victoria Vives. You have seen me in this blog working in projects for Ralph Lauren, Christian Audigier, Cedric The Entertainer, SONY Pictures, Fitness Magazine... a lot of fun!!!!

My Passion is developing my inner Superhero... to become a REAL SUPERHERO!!!! Like a Video Game Character! So I train Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Stunts... I am an Actress, Singer, Model, Dancer, Producer, Painter... I develop my inner self through Metaphysics, NLP, listening to audiobooks such as "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle! Awesome book :) My wish is to inspire others through what I do!!!!

Thank you for watching and commenting!!!! Love :)

Thank you to all the people that contributed in some way to the footage in this video.

Music by Danity Kane

Edited by Victoria Vives :)

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