Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ESPN shows in India with Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives will be performing at the ESPN tour in India with KUNG FU FEMMES, and along with "Quick Change" and "Tokara"! The shows will be held in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Calcutta!

Kayals Entertainment will be bringing these three troupes from different parts of the world, and from different fields of entertainment assuring a memorable event!

ESPN is the Worldwide Leader in Sports


"Tokara - TAIKO DRUMS"

Quick Change: Magicians from UK

Tokara: Taiko Drums from Japan

Kung Fu Femmes: Martial Arts Females from US

Victoria Vives
will be performing with Kung Fu Femmes!

"Victoria Vives performing a Flying Kick at the beach"

Victoria Vives

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Sponsored by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!!

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and KOOZA sponsored the show at the Santa Monica Peer CENTENNIAL, yesterday, Saturday May 16th 2009. I was performing there with Kung Fu Femmes. Other amazing acts had place as the incredible aerial artists Silk Sisters, Mat Plendl, the world's greatest hula-hoop artist, Scot Nery juggling a giant pancake in a hot skillet. Contorsionist Masonius Max, acrobatic and gymnastics champion Realis, The Quiddlers, originators of the highly unusual "Micro Jackson" act, comic juggler Frank Olivier and dozens of other performers!!!!

Below is the video of my participation in this celebration!

Victoria Vives

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Friday, May 15, 2009

CATWOMAN Vs BATGIRL - Victoria Vives fight



Fight Choreography by

Hair and Make-up by

Vocal Coach

Written and Directed by

Sunday, May 10, 2009

VIDEO Girlie Girl Catfight LUCHA VAVOOM

Last Tuesday was CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Lucha Vavoom was at The Mayan with an exciting show! I was part of the CATFIGHT after-show which took place just a few blocks near The Mayan, at the Golden Gopher! It was the LUCHAs DE CHICKAs BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!! My friend Web and I performed a club fight with nunchucks and knives!

Victoria Vives Lucha de Chicas

This was the second time I worked with Lucha Vavoom / Rita D'Albert. She is awesome! I am truly impressed of her ability of putting together this massive and unique show and seeing how she is enjoying every second of it! My first time working with her was at the Girlie Girl Catfight last March. It was a SOLD OUT days before the show!!!! So make sure you get your tickets with time for our next show :) YES! The GIRLIE GIRL CATFIGHT will be back in JULY!!!!

Until then... Enjoy an excerpt of the show right below ;) You're gonna love it!!!!


See my appearance in Electric Playground G4 TV were Rita speaks about Lucha Vavoom


Other exciting news... I am getting ready for a tour with Kung Fu Femmes... we are going to... INDIA!!!!! I am really excited about it :) I will keep you updated! We will also perform at Santa Monica Pier this Saturday May 16th.

Victoria Vives Kung Fu Femmes

Kung Fu Femmes was my first Martial Arts troupe and I still perform with them from time to time. Terry Taneie (Choreographer) and Tony Laudati (Producer) are now long time friends of mine!

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Victoria Vives

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