Monday, March 30, 2009

Girlie Girl Catfight Photos in LA Weekly

A couple of pictures from the Girlie Girl Catfight Show. Video coming soon!!!!

It was AMAZING!!!!! The crowd was CRAZY :) And it was SO packed! SOLD OUT days before the show! Some of my friends couldn’t come see me because of that. So… buy your ticket for the next show with time enough!!!!! NEXT SHOW IS IN JULY!!!!!!

Pictures from the "Girlie Girl Catfight" Show in LA Weekly by Timothy Norris

Full size pictures in the following link: ENJOY!!!!

Victoria Vives

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victoria Vives Sword Fighting @ Girlie Girl Catfight Show

Fri, Mar 27. | LA Weekly & Goldenvoice Present:

Girlie Girl Catfight Show

Doors @ 8pm | $19.0

Victoria Vives will perform at the GIRLIE GIRL CATFIGHT SHOW. The very 1st of it's kind. Beautiful, skilled girl wrestlers - think Bond girls of old - in spirited, sexy combat.

This is where you will see the best catfights from the movies brought to life. Now add aerial artists, host JEFF DAVIS and the wonderful BRANDON JOHNSON and and you have what can only be described as a trailer for a surreal 60's movie that was never made. No one has ever put on a show featuring the perfect kind of female wrestling; the girlie-girl FUN kind.

Here's what it's NOT: It's not like any kind of female wrestling icky porn wrestling that's out there, not the permed, leotard clad punch-fests.
Here's what it is: More of the anything goes good-times from one of the weirdos behind Lucha Va-VOOM.

The stunning Victoria Vives will fight the fierce Robin Olive, choreographed by the fabulous Terry Taneie.

Event Website

Victoria Vives

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