Sunday, June 14, 2009

Burlesque & Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in support of the Special Olympics

June 11, 2009, Los Angeles was treated to the largest Burlesque Event to hit the City, at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce ROOFTOP RIBBON CUTTING. Not only that, even more important, this event was held in support of the Special Olympics!

Featuring X-Burlesque, Rag Dolls, the kick-ass style of Kung Fu Femmes, as well as 2009 Miss Asia USA Contestants and some surprise celebrity guests, speakers, and hosts.


Picture from the fierce Kung Fu Femmes show at "Burlesque on the Boulevard"


Hollywood Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting after the show


Victoria Vives and Mrs. Asia USA, Donna Chao, after the Burlesque show

Sponsored by Mrs. Asia USA


Victoria Vives with Tony Laudati, good friend for long years and Producer of Kung Fu Femmes


Victoria Vives with Terry Taneie (to the left, the blond Asian :) ). He is my best friend and the Fight Choreographer of Kung Fu Femmes. Kei Kosugi (to the right, Asian with white hair). Also a great friend and KFF Fight Choreographer. And Tony Laudati with the hat, great friend and Producer of KFF!!!!


Some of the Kung Fu Femmes members after the show!

Flyer for the event


Precision Choreography Los Angeles

Way2Much Entertainment

Rag Dolls

The Kress

Victoria Vives

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The Jonathan Club SAMBA!

Pictures of the Samba show at the prestigious Jonathan Club




Victoria Vives

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Miss Asia USA 2009 Winner

Geramie Dizon seems to be the new Miss Asia USA 2009!!!!!


Victoria Vives with Mrs. Asia USA, Donna Chao

Victoria Vives

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kung Fu Femmes in India!

Pictures from the KUNG FU FEMMES India tour with ESPN, brought by Kayals! Video coming soon!!!!

Kung Fu Femmes with Sujit Kayal after one of our performances

Victoria Vives with Sujit Kayal and his lovely family :)))

Kung Fu Femmes in traditional Indian clothes: the SARI, with Sujit and Uday, our new friends in India!!!!

Party time!!!!!

Quick Change (Dancer Magicians for UK) and Victoria Vives

Tokara (Taiko Drummers from Japan) and Victoria Vives

Kung Fu Femmes having dinner with Sujit and Uday

Victoria Vives as an Indian :)

Victoria Vives

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Miss Asia USA 2009


Victoria Vives performing with Kung Fu Femmes at Miss Asia USA 2009!

Victoria Vives and Miss India

Representing Japan

Representing Philippines

Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives

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Victoria Vives in SHAPE magazine!

SHAPE magazine, with Sexy Indy Car Driver Danica Patrick in the cover, and Hot Martial Artist Victoria Vives in a funny advertisement by Kerasal! Photography by OLJ Studios. It was displayed until May 25th, but you can check it out here!

Kerasal Challenge

Victoria Vives

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