Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photos @ SacAnime

Crispin Freeman and Victoria Vives at SacAnime

Crispin Freeman is an amazing Voice Over artist. Some of his credits are: Final Fantasy VII, Pirates of the Caribean, Lord of The Rings, The Sopranos, Ice Age, and Digimon. He is also a Writer in the Pokémon series!!!!

Liam O'Brien and Victoria Vives at SacAnime

Sam Riegel & Victoria Vives | Victoria Vives & Neil Kaplan

Victoria Vives & Spike Spencer

Victoria Vives, Terry Taneie and Natasha Cordova, members of Kung Fu Femmes

Natasha and Victoria in a sword fight, video coming soon!!!

Biddy and Terry trying to get Victoria's teddy bear. Video coming soon!!!!


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